Y Preschool focuses on the specific needs of children at this important developmental  stage, using curriculum that aligns with school district standards for kindergarten-readiness. Y Preschool operates at two sites: Whitney Elementary in Anacortes and Central Preschool in Sedro-Woolley. 

Preschool – NOW ENROLLING FALL 2020!

The 3’s program focuses on social emotional skills, large and small motor activities, plenty of sensory and open song, dance, STEAM activities, and more.

The 4’s follow much of the same activities with added numeracy, science, and literacy activities. Special attention is paid to meeting your child where they are at and fostering progress through UDL standards (Universal Designs for Learning) in the early learning classroom and WaKIDS GOLD Objectives.

Contact [email protected] for more information and registration.

Blog – “Y Preschool @ Whitney”

“The Y Preschool @ Whitney Elementary is a unique and important part of our childcare program. Its curriculum focuses on play-based learning while following kindergarten-readiness guidelines from the Anacortes Early Learning Partnership, the ASD Early Learning Fundations Program and the Pathways Through Numeracy Program. 

What makes the Y Preschool @ Whitney so special is the ‘blended’ nature of the program. In a blended classroom, typically developing child and children with special needs are taught in the same learning environment. This allows for children of all abilities to work and learn alongside one another, developing problem-solving skills while practicing kindness, compassion and respect.”          > Read more

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